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Monitoring, Reporting & Behaviour

Monitoring and Reporting

For information about monitoring and reporting please click here for our Reporting and Assessment at Chew Valley School information.

Here at Chew Valley we have devised an assessment system which provides the following:

For students:

  • Clear assessment of strengths and areas for development
  • Clear feedback on areas of success and next steps

For teachers:

  • The ability to track progress through the curriculum
  • The ability to identify areas of learning which need development and plan accordingly
  • A manageable process which is central to teaching and learning

For parents and families:

  • Clear information about progress and attainment within the curriculum


We are proud of the high standards of behaviour achieved at Chew Valley School and make every effort to reward the achievements of our young people. We use the following table to monitor and report the attitudes to learning and behaviour our students demonstrate in lessons: 


House points are awarded to students as a recognition of good work, progress or service to the school.  Students are also awarded commendations for outstanding attitudes, effort, work or achievement. Consistent effort, progress or achievement is marked by the award of a Head’s Commendation.

When a student’s work or behaviour is below standard they may be placed on a daily report by their Head of Year and teachers are asked to comment on their work and behaviour in each lesson.  This will be expected to be shown to parents/carers each evening.

In more serious cases, students may also be detained after school on a Tuesday with at least 24 hours notice being given to parents.  After-school detentions are only given and supervised by senior members of staff.  All serious breaches of discipline are reported to parents and we aim to work together to ensure high standards of work and behaviour.

In extreme situations or after repeated misconduct, students may be internally excluded in a supervised work area or externally excluded from school for a fixed period.

Acceptable use of ICT (also found in the student planner)