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The Curriculum

Curriculum Intention

This intention has been considered in conjunction with other Lighthouse Schools Partnership Secondary Schools.

One which is broad allowing students to acquire a wide body of knowledge across a range of different subjects & extra-curricular activities.

  • All students will be given the opportunity to experience a wide range of different subjects and disciplines.

One where students acquire the most powerful knowledge.

  • Each subject will carefully consider and include the most important and challenging content within their discipline.

Enabling progress through a carefully sequenced curriculum.

  • This allows key concepts, knowledge and themes to be revisited and built upon with whilst being increasingly challenging. This will need deliberate mapping within each curriculum area.

One which builds upon prior learning ensuring that students gain incrementally more complex understanding.

  • With KS2 now being more challenging, our KS3 curriculum needs to reflect this in terms of its demands on students. This requires understanding of what is covered at primary school and how subjects can build upon this.

One in which knowledge is remembered long term and which is transferable across differing contexts.

  • Knowing more + remembering more = progress. Subjects have a responsibility to support each other in the delivery of knowledge e.g. maths in science or drama in English.

One which is bold and exciting and one in which teachers have high expectations of what students can achieve.

  • We want students and their teachers to enjoy learning and be ambitious about what they can achieve. This will lead to better outcomes.

One which prepares students for life in modern Britain allowing them to make safe, informed and responsible decisions.

  • Ultimately this goal can be seen as acquiring the best qualifications possible, however, it is also about the wider benefits of a well-constructed curriculum such as effective CIAG, SMSC & PSHE. The promotion of British values such as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance is embedded in this intent. 

One which develops students into responsible, healthy, kind and ambitious young adults.

  • We want students to be ready to take an active role as citizens, armed with the resilience, self respect, tolerance and drive to live a full, successful and positive life.

One which enhances the cultural capital of all students.

  • We want all students to be exposed to some of the key cultural, social and functional knowledge and skills to allow them to fully partake in our modern society.