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School Day and Uniform

The school day

School day timings during this period of coronavirus:

8.35 First bell
8.40 Period I
10.10 Period 2
11.10 Break
11.30 Period 3
12.30 Period 4


14.00 Period 5

Moving bell

15.05 End of school day

School day timings once school returns to 'normal' working:

8.35 First bell
8.40 Registration/assembly
9.10 Period I
10.10 Period 2
11.10 Break
11.30 Period 31
12.30 Period 4
13.30 Lunch
14.18 Period 5
15.18 Moving bell
15.20 End of school day

All students have a timetable based on five days each offive periods, i.e. 25 periods of lessons per week, which can be viewed on the Insight Portal.

School uniform

School Uniform Suppliers

Years 12/13

Students need to recognise school as a place of work and one that has a place in the wider community, therefore, a dress code is expected as in most places of professional work. The current dress code expects students to be clean, smart and tidy.

DfE Guidance

In line with guidance published in October 2007, the governors have satisfied themselves that our school uniform is fair, reasonable, affordable and does not act as a barrier to parents when choosing the school.  At least two suppliers will be appointed to avoid restricted competition.


Although every reasonable care is taken, the school cannot be responsible for personal property and possessions brought into school. It would, therefore, be helpful if the following was noted:-

  1. Pupils should keep their property in a strong bag/holdall/backpack.
  2. All items should be clearly marked with the child's name.
  3. iPods, cameras and other valuable possessions should not be brought into school. 
  4. Mobile phones are a particular nuisance and are not necessary in school. We have a telephone available for students should they need to contact home. Please support us by making sure that your son or daughter does not bring a mobile phone to school.