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File Storage Information

Students Accounts

Students of the school each have their own user account with their own user name and password. The user name is usually their year and name followed by a password that they can set themselves. 

Students can see their remaining printer credit balance and have access to applications required for their work. On the right hand side is a quick launch bar that allows students to get to the most useful applications.

Students have their own storage folder with 2GB of space. If they use all of this then no more can be allocated. 

There are also links to resources that students can use.


Staff Accounts

A Staff account has different applications installed depending on whether teacher, cover or admin staff. Department heads cover print spending so each staff member is not metered like a student.

Users log on using their user name and password. Their password can be changed if needed.

Staff have 10GB of personal storage and get access to different shared folders.


File Recovery

Backups are kept of all users data so that in extreme cases we can often recover deleted files. We encourage users not to abuse this system as it is not always possible to recover files in a state users would prefer. We may in certain circumstances only be able to recover old versions that are of even less use.

Accessing your school network folders

You can access your folder using student/staff PCs, or from your own computer (in and out of school, when connected to the network).

Staff can save up to 10GB.

Save to the Z drive or Documents folder; it’s your personal folder on the network. To view it click Start, Computer and click the Z: folder: its name contains your username.


Back up your work

Have at least 2 copies in different places. Save work to your folder on the school network as well as either a USB stick, external hard drive, or online service like Google Drive:

  • If your work contains personal data or sensitive personal data you must save it to an encrypted drive or encrypted USB stick. Staff advice on encryption
  • If you use portable devices, make sure you save a copy on the Chew Valley network too.
  • Don't lose work opened from email attachments: ensure you 'Save As'!
  • Files deleted from the Chew Valley network can't be retrieved from the recycle bin - so only delete files you are sure you will not need again!

When working on a file from the network, save a copy onto your computer while you are editing it and save it back when done, or you risk losing work if your connection drops.