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Classroom Arrangements

Information for the use of IT Equipment in Classrooms

Every class has a computer with a whiteboard, projector and a computer for use by the teacher. Some of our projectors allow for a fully interactive experience allowing teachers to do creative presentations and highly interactive lessons. DVD players are enabled in teachers PCs allowing staff to play teaching materials from disks. DVD players are disabled for students to prevent unauthorized content attempts by students and to stop players from being damaged.

Computer rooms have desktop towers with monitors, some of these rooms have the desktops located under the desks secured in place to stop tampering.

Mice and keyboards are cable tied to prevent theft and all of our equipment is marked with security to prevent theft and aid recovery.

CCTV monitors IT suites to help catch any student tampering with or damaging IT equipment. This CCTV system also serves to deal with any other behaviour issue from either students or staff where CCTV evidence is required to aid in incident investigations.

Food and drink is prohibited around computers and students seen eating or drinking at the computers should be reprimanded.