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Online Service

Online Service and Remote Access at Chew Valley School

Email and Calendar Access

Emails and Calendars can be accessed via the web at

You can also get mail delivered to your mobile device by setting up your email client with the settings described here. All devices must support Exchange ActiveSync.

Resource Booking (Staff Only)

Resource Booking is available at

Resource Booking uses your ‘short’ username (without the

Guidance on how to use the resource booking system is available here.

ICT Helpdesk (Staff Only)

The ICT Help desk is available here:

Staff can log into the help desk to raise tickets and check on the resolution of incidents/problems.

Problems that are not reported to the helpdesk do not adhere to any of our target resolution times.


Insight is used to set homework, see grades and results and timetables, as well as check on your child’s progress and attendance at the school.

The Insight School Portal can be accessed from

Staff and Students use their school email address and Password to log in. Parental Credentials are sent to new parents at the beginning of the school year. If you are have lost or forgotten these details, please email

Home Access Plus (Students Only)

HAP is available here:

Students can access all of their files and folders through our Home Access Portal as well as the student share and resources folders.

Both Windows and OSX are supported using a HTML5 based browser.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to save and access work on a range of devices through the use of Google drive.

Google docs can be accessed here:

Please use your ‘Username’ to log into google docs from this page – when you are using the Drive App you will have to uwse your email address.

Google Drive is supported on Windows and OSX (Through a web browser), Android and iOS (Through the Google Drive App).

Please note that you can’t share documents outside of Chew Valley School.

Lync Messenger: (Staff Only)

Lync is an instant messaging system used by Staff within the school. To use Lync remotely you must download and install the Lync Client.

Supported Clients:


If Staff have purchased Microsoft Office Professional through the school (more details can be found here) the you will already have access to the full version of the Lync Client.

Those staff members that have not purchased office can download a basic version of Lync 2013 client for Windows here


Staff who wish to run Lync on their iMacs must purchase Office Professional for OSX 2011 through the school. Details on this are available from the ICT Team.

Android and iOS:

Staff can run Lync on their compatible Mobile devices by downloading the Lync Client for either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Terminal Services (Staff Only)

Staff members who wish to log into a remote desktop directly can do so by downloading and running this preconfigured RDP file.

You need to use your email address as the username (including the part).

Supported Clients:

Windows Vista (Service Pack 2), Windows 7, Windows 8

(Windows XP will work, but we will can no longer guarantee support).

Some staff members may need to enable 'Network Level Authentication' before Remote Applications will work on Windows XP

You can enable NLA on Windows XP by doing the following:

1) Download and install Windows XP Service Pack 3 (If you haven't already done so) – Right click on My computer, select properties and you will be taken to a screen that tells you which service pack you are running.

2) Download and Install version 7 of the RDP Client:

3) Enable CredSSP (Use the ‘fix it for me’):

NLA should now be enabled and you will be able to connect.

Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android devices can make connections via a separate paid-for application, iTAP RDP.

Details on how to configure iTAP RDP can be found here.


Your maths teacher will provide you with the username and password you need to access MyMaths at


Your languages teacher will provide you with the username and password you need to access Linguascope at

SAM Learning

Click on this link to access SAM Learning:

Access SAM Learning using the details below:

Centre ID:


User ID:

Date of birth followed by two initials: first name then last name.

Example: 010896DJ is the User ID for David Jones born 1st Aug 1996.


Initially same as the User ID; students are encouraged to change this.