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Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 a broad and balanced curriculum is followed by all learners.  Teaching groups are focused mixed attainment in all subject areas.

In Year 7

Students are grouped into mixed attainment groups from Term 2 Maths adds an extension set for some students. The initial data and information from the KS2 shared with the school, SEND need and language allocations dictates how these groups are drawn up.

Year 7 students study with the same teaching groups for the majority of their lessons apart from D&T, PE and Maths.

In Year 8

Our linguists have the chance to take on a second language. A new mixed ability grouping is set up with close consideration of KS2 prior attainment, MIDYIS and reading ages.  

In Year 9

A more diverse range of groupings exist with a 'creative group' and Science grouping adding to the variety.  All of these groupings remain mixed attainment.