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KS4 Sports Studies

Cambridge Nationals in Sports Studies (Level 2)
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What do you study?

The Sports Studies course looks at topics connected to the different types of sporting and physical activity.  This includes how sports are organised and also the different roles available in them.  There are two compulsory units on Contemporary Issues in Sport and Developing Sports Skills and two extra units based on Sports Leadership and Developing Skills in Outdoor Activities.  Much of this course is taught in a practical way.

Why study Cambridge National in Sports Studies?
  • For enjoyment!  If you like playing sport and you are interested in all aspects of sports preparation and performance – then this will appeal to you.  
  • It develops your own understanding of how sports performance develops especially the key skills of various sports, and Outdoor and Adventurous activities.
  • It makes the most of your leadership skills, developing them further.
  • You'll understand the structure of sport in the UK and the employment opportunities that are available.
  • It provides a progressive route to further study.

This vocational course is excellent when thinking about a career in the leisure industry.  You can access A level PE through this route.

Please note: 

We will be advising students as to the appropriate PE course for them (GCSE or Cambridge National) at the Year 9 Parents’ Evening.

How is the course assessed? 

There is one unit assessed by a 1 hour and 15 minute long examination on the topic of Contemporary Issues in Sport.

Examination and Coursework

All other units are assessed by ongoing controlled assessment that is internally marked by your teachers but moderated by an external examiner.