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KS4 Drama

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What do you study?

You will study a subject that is both practical and creative.  During the course you will learn a number of Drama techniques which you will use to express your ideas and opinions about a range of issues.  You will also study plays to see how playwrights express their ideas about themes or topics.  Finally you will be involved in performances, either as an actor (both from existing scripts and from work that you create yourselves) or as a lighting, sound, set or costume designer.

During the course you will: 

  • Learn to work as part of a group.
  • Learn to use and understand a range of practical skills.
  • Read and study plays from a performance perspective. 
  • Learn how lighting, sound, set & costume can enhance your work.
  • Study how live theatre works effectively. 
  • Learn to write about the performances you see during the course.
Why study GCSE Drama?
  • Drama allows you to work creatively with others.
  • Drama gives you the opportunity to increase your self-confidence.
  • Drama helps you to communicate verbally and non-verbally.

GCSE Drama is not simply about training actors.  It is all about working as part of a team.  Skills learned during GCSE Drama will help you in any area of work where you have to work with people.

How is the course assessed? 

There are three elements in this GCSE.

Practical & Written Coursework and two Examinations.  Graded 1-9 with 9 being the highest.

50% practical coursework & exam: 

You will take part in 2 practical projects during the course.  In these you will develop and present performances either from existing scripts or devised from stimulus material. 

10% written coursework: 

Following one of the assessed practical projects, you will produce a set of notes explaining how and why you developed ideas in a certain way.

40% written examination: 

A 90 minute written exam in 2 sections.  Section A will ask questions on a play studied during the course and Section B questions on a play seen live.

GCSE Key Vocabulary List