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KS4 Design and Technology

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What do you study?

Design and technology is a rigorous and challenging subject that promotes and encourages independence, resourcefulness and imagination.  It will develop your designing skills and technical knowledge through problem solving and design iteration. It enables you to apply academic learning, so that you can convert your ideas and raw materials into the products and services that we all need and use every day of our lives. 

The diversity of the course provides an excellent foundation for anybody considering a future within the design and manufacturing industry, for example: Engineering; Architecture; Product Design; Graphic Design; Textile Design; Interior Design; Fashion Design; Marketing etc.

You can continue your studies at Chew Valley School by following an A Level course in Design Technology or Textiles. 

Why study GCSE Design and Technology?

During year 10, you will complete a series of practical projects and undertake dedicated theory sessions and home learning tasks, to develop your technical knowledge and practical skills. You will work as designers and manufacturers to develop an awareness of product development and the design industry.  In line with the ever-changing world of design, this fantastic GCSE encompasses all material areas (including: paper; wood; metal; plastic; electronics; textiles; smart & modern materials).                                  

The areas studied will include:

•Designing skills – 2D and 3D drawing; CAD; iterative design; modelling.
•Developing ways to construct 2D and 3D products.
•Experimenting with a broad range of manufacturing techniques.
•The work of designers.
•Sustainability and implications to the wider world.
•Material (properties, provenance and uses).
•Use of a broad range of equipment, industrial machinery and software. 
How is the course assessed? 

There are two elements in this GCSE. There will be a single tier of entry. Graded 1-9 with 9 being the highest.

  • NEA - A sustained design and make investigation: accounts for 50% of the final mark.
  • A written examination: accounts for 50% of the final mark.

Year 11 will predominantly focus on the NEA, (an independent research, design and make coursework project). Learners will be required to use critical thinking to design and make prototypes in a material(s) of their choice to solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values. 

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