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KS4 Computer Science

Welcome to GCSE Computer Science Vimeo
What do you study?

Principles of Computer Science including computational thinking. 

Understanding of what algorithms are, what they are used for and how they work; ability to follow, amend and write algorithms; ability to construct truth tables.  Data – understanding of binary, data representation, data storage and compression.  Understanding of hardware and software components of computer systems and characteristics of programming languages.  Networks – understanding of computer networks and network security.  Issues and impact – awareness of emerging trends in computing technologies, and the impact of computing on individuals, society and the environment, including ethical, legal and ownership issues.

Problem solving with programming.  

The main focus of this paper is; understanding what algorithms are, what they are used for and how they work in relation to creating programs, understanding how to decompose and analyse problems, ability to read, write, refine and evaluate programs.

Why study GCSE Computer Science?
  • Engaging and contemporary.
  • Focus on real world threats and cyber security – including phishing, malware and firewalls.
  • You will develop skills in computational thinking.
  • You will learn to program!
  • Online programming exam.

You will need to have shown good skills in Computer Science in Years 8 and 9, as well as excellent progress (working at a grade 6 or higher) in Maths.  Part of the course requires you to download the free programming software Python on your home computer and a willingness to commit to extra-curricular learning is necessary.  Please be aware this is an academically challenging course and you should speak to Mrs Gardiner, or your class teacher, if you require further information. 

How is the course assessed? 

There are two elements in this GCSE. Written Examination and Online Examination.

Written Exam – 50%

Unit 1: Principles of Computer Science.

Online Exam – 50%

Unit 2: Problem solving using programming 5.

Graded 1-9 with 9 being the highest.