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KS4 Business

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Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise & Marketing
What do you study?

Enterprise and Marketing is a vocationally related course, where you develop knowledge by applying your learning in a work-related context.  You will take responsibility for your own learning and develop skills, such as team-working and working to tight deadlines that are essential for the modern-day workplace.

The course consists of 3 units:

  • Design a Business Proposal
  • Market and Pitch a Business Proposal
  • Enterprise and Marketing Concepts
Why study Business Studies?
  • You will develop communication, problem-solving, information technology and numeracy skills – all essential practical skills for future employment.
  • You will understand that business affects virtually every aspect of our lives.
  • The IT skills you develop are vital in many careers.
  • The course will allow a natural progression to Advanced Business courses at Post-16.
How is the course assessed?

Two units of Coursework and one Exam.

The exam is taken either in January of Year 11 or June of Year 11.  Coursework makes up 60% of the final grade. 

Design a Business Proposal

This unit will provide learners with the skills and knowledge to design a product proposal to meet a business challenge scenario. Learners will be able to identify a customer profile for their own product design, develop market research tools and use these to complete market research for their product.  Learners will complete financial calculations to select a pricing strategy and determine whether their proposal is viable.

Market and Pitch a Business Proposal 

This unit will provide learners with the skills and knowledge to create a brand identity and promotional plan. They will be able to pitch their product proposal to an external audience after completing a practice pitch, and complete a review of both their pitching skills and product proposal.

By completing this unit, learners will know how to use a combination of branding and promotional methods that complement each other and appeal to a specific customer profile. They will gain the crucial skills of professionally pitching to an unknown audience. This will help to prepare them both for employment situations such as interviews and for starting up a business in the future, while also developing the transferrable skill of presenting information to others in a clear and persuasive manner.

Enterprise and Marketing Concepts

By completing this unit, learners will understand the main activities that will need to happen to support a start-up business and what the key factors are to consider when starting up a business. Learners will understand how and why customer segmentation is used and how to target a customer market. They will also develop an understanding of how to attract and retain customers, the techniques to use when developing products and how to investigate what makes a product viable.