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KS4 Art

Welcome to GCSE Art Vimeo
What do you study?

This is a two-year GCSE course. During these two years, some of the most important skills you will be expected to develop are:

  • Learning to draw and express yourself through mark making, using a wide variety of materials and techniques.
  • Researching, referencing, refining and emulating many different artists and designers and finding inspiration through their methods of working.
  • Independent and sustained study in class and at home.
  • Refining initial ideas, improving and focusing, culminating in a successful final piece.
Why study GCSE Art?

Art is a creative subject that promotes and encourages independent resourceful, ingenious, self-disciplined learning.  Students achieving grades 9-5 could go on to study Art (Fine Art), Textiles or Photography at A level. 

You will study and practise a broad range of skills, techniques, themes and artists.  Although the majority of your assessed work will be developed in your sketchbooks, you will also be expected and encouraged to produce a number of quality, 2D/3D pieces of ‘finished’ artwork to complete your portfolio.

How is the course assessed?

60% Coursework Portfolio and 40% OCR-set task (Exam). Graded 1-9 with 9 being the highest 

There are four Assessment Objectives that carry equal weight.  Your coursework portfolio and your final set task (exam) will be marked under: 

  • Develop – 25%. Ideas and investigations informed by research into art and artists
  • Experiment – 25%. Select and use materials, techniques and processes
  • Record – 25%. Drawing and recording observations
  • Present – 25%. A personal and informed response, connecting ideas, research and observations as a final piece.
60% is based on the Coursework Portfolio.
This portfolio is made up of projects and the best pieces of work produced over the two years. The more you do and the more involved you are in the course, the higher your grade will be. There will be Art trips to generate source material for a successful coursework portfolio.  

40% is based on the OCR-set task (exam).                                                                                              You will have a 10-hour practical, (run over two days, under exam conditions) to present a personal response. All the preparation work for the set task is produced in the weeks beforehand and is an important element of your assessment.