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KS3 Science

Year 7 Units

Block 1

Foundations of Science

Science skills, cells, particles and forces.

Block 2


Cells, Tissues and Organs

Forces and Speed

Block 3


Types of energy, energy transfers, fuels, power stations.

Chemical Reactions

Physical and chemical changes, various types of chemical reaction.

Reproduction and Puberty

The life cycle and reproductive system of animals and plants.

Microbes and Disease

Microbes and how they spread, our bodies and how we fight disease.

Acids and Bases

Acids and bases, indicators, neutralisation and salts.

Block 4


The Earth, Moon, Sun, days, months and years, the Solar System and the Universe.

Year 8 Units

Block 1

Periodic Table and Groups

Atoms, properties of metals non-metals and salts, electrolysis.

Light and Sound

Sources and transmission of light, optics, sources and transmission of sound.

Food Chains and Ecosystems

Food chains competition, adaptations, animal behaviour.

Block 2

Digestive System

Diet, food groups, digestive system, enzymes.

Environmental Chemistry

Acid rain, air pollution, climate change, plastics, sustainability.

Heating and Cooling

Conduction, convection and radiation, insulation and cooling.

Block 3

Skeleton Circulation and Breathing

Skeletal system, joints, respiratory system, circulatory system, respiration.


Circuits, current in series and parallel, potential difference, resistance.

Block 4

Useful things from Rocks

The rock cycle, extracting metals, using limestone.

Year 9 Units

Block 1


Magnetic materials, magnetic fields, navigation, electromagnets.

Genetics and Inheritance

Variation, how characteristics are inherited or not, genetics and ethics.

Drugs and Lifestyle

Smoking, drugs, alcohol.


Conservation of mass, reactions of metals and their compounds.

Block 2

Periodic Table

Properties of the groups of elements, types of structure and materials.


The structure of cells, magnification, cell reproduction and the cell cycle.

Energy and Motion

Energy stores and pathways, scalars and vectors, motion graphs, work done, stopping distance.

Block 3


Measurements, variables, graphs, handling data.


Key Stage 3 Vocabulary Lists