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KS3 Physical Education

Years 7 and 8 all groups will do all activities but in a different rotation order.

All students are expected to bring their kit to all lessons as adapted activities and other non-performer roles can be given to students who are injured or ill.

Assessment in PE is ongoing throughout the units. Progress is monitored in 3 areas: Doing, Thinking, and Social/ Emotional aspects.

Year 7 and Year 8 Units

Stretch Zone

This unit includes problem-solving, team building and orienteering.

BASES – Gymnastics 

Developing balance, agility, suppleness, explosive and dynamic strength through a range of activities.

Net and Wall Activities  

Badminton, tennis, table tennis and squash. Learning new skills and tactics in practice situations.

CPE Dance 

Learning dance skills including set work.

Invasion Games

Hockey, football, netball and rugby. Basic through to advanced skills in tactics, competitive situations, rules and practice of skills.

Striking and Fielding Games 

Rounders and cricket. Basic through to advanced skills are practised. Small groups or conditioned games as well as full sided, and tactics.


Learning the basic techniques or running, jumping and throwing. Developing simple into more advanced skills.

Key Vocabulary Lists

Year 9 Units

Students get some choice in this year group.  

Assessment in Year 9 follows the same pattern as Year 7 & 8 but also adds a strand linked to organising physical activity sessions – this includes communication and organisation skills.

Stretch Zone

All students start the year with this unit as an introduction to their Sports Leadership course. It involves team building, communication and organisational activities.

Pathway 1

For boys only this pathway allows students to develop their skills and tactical awareness in the major team games such as rugby and football in addition to other game activities as well as athletics and fitness.

Pathway 2

For girls only, this pathway allows students to learn and develop skills in major team sports including hockey, netball, football and rugby as well as other game activities. They will also do orienteering and athletics.

Pathway 3

This option is for any student who prefers activities that involve less contact and more  individuality. It has team activities as well as other game activities. Activities include hockey, racket sports, golf and orienteering.

Pathway 4

This is the creative pathway for any student who prefer the more artistic activities such as gymnastics, dance, aerobics and cheerleading. There will also be game activities during the year – these are netball, racket sports and rounders.

Sports Leadership

During lessons students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills by planning and delivering short leadership episodes to their peers. They will then use these skills to deliver sporting activities to visiting primary school pupils.

Key Vocabulary Lists