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KS3 English

All students will do a reading, writing and speaking and listening assessment within each unit of work. 

These will be assessed by either the teacher, a peer or the student on a rotational basis, with teacher assessments specified below.

Year 7 Unit - Conflict

Transition Unit

A piece of creative writing inspired by some challenging literature.

Assessment: Writing.

Private Peaceful and War Poetry

A reading of this text with focus on characters, plot and style. Some war poetry is also covered. 

Assessment: Reading.

Persuasive Writing

Designed to build on the novel and poetry work, students explore the linguistic power of propaganda.

Assessment: Speaking and Listening.


A close study of this modern play, including some spoken language work.

Teacher Focus Assessment: Speaking and Listening.

Myths and Legends

A pacey creative unit engaging with literary heritage and looking at how it can influence our writing.

Assessment: Writing.

Year 7 Key Vocabulary List

Year 8 Unit - Complexities of Relationships

Much Ado About Nothing

Close study of the plot, characters, and structure of this Shakespeare play. An additional, creative project adds context.

Assessment: Reading.

Gothic Literature

An exploration of 19th century texts and beyond, considering context and tone ahead of GCSE studies.

Assessment: Writing.

Media - Advertising

Exploring how language, imagery and representation are used in order to communicate effectively with an audience.

Assessment: Speaking and Listening.


A range of GCSE standard poetry about the nature of human relationships is explored and analysed.

Assessment: Writing.

The Dark Lady

A long and, at times, challenging novel is explored in detail.

Assessment: Reading.

Year 8 Key Vocabulary List

Year 9 Unit - Civil Rights, Prejudices and Respect

Of Mice and Men

The close study of ‘Of Mice and Men’, building up GCSE Literature skills and exploring American context.

Assessment: Reading.

Media - Representation in the Media

An exploration of representation and bias in the modern media.

Assessment: Speaking and Listening.

Merchant of Venice

Another, more complex Shakespeare play is studied in Year 9. 

Assessment: Writing.

Poetry from Different Cultures

More demanding GCSE standard poetry is explored, continuing to challenge students’  perspectives.

Assessment: Reading and Writing.

Civil Rights Reportage and Creative Task

Non-fiction texts explored in anticipation of GCSE Language study and a creative piece consolidates the year’s learning.

Assessment: Writing.

Year 9 Key Vocabulary List