Reptile Team

We wanted to start a reptile team because we know people in school who have fears and phobias that we wanted to help them to get over. We are also very interested in reptiles and find their behaviour fascinating. We have started with a snake named Edwin, after the scientist Edwin Hubble. He was a month old when we got him so very small and not at all scary. We hope that as people see him as a baby and then growing slowly they will not fear him. He has grown about 8cm so far and is very friendly and calm. He feeds every four days and we are keeping track of his measurements as a science project.

What went well and why?

We have improved our ability to communicate as a team and as a result were able to purchase our first reptile; a corn snake named Edwin Hubble who resides in the Science Block. Through out-of-school communication we also managed to purchase food, a holding tank and supplies for Edwin Hubble cheaper than retail price which has left us with more money to spend in future.

What could have gone better and why?

We could have improved our teamwork skills to enable us to make decisions faster. We may have been able to purchase Edwin Hubble sooner if the team had worked together. We may also do some research to find better deals for reptile supplies and/or begin looking for another reptile.

What can we learn in the future?

We have realised that caring for a reptile requires much more research than we had previously thought. This means that when we next purchase a reptile, we know to do the adequate amount of research beforehand so that we are prepared rather than learning on-the-go. Another improvement we could/should make is being stricter when enforcing deadline and making regular communication and updates within the group so that everyone is up-to-date with recent changes, projects and ideas. We also need to emphasize the need to attend the majority of weekly meetings for similar reasons.