Terminal Services

The terminal service provides a secure remote access connection to the school’s network using the remote desktop system. By using remote desktop and connecting to the terminal server you connect to a full windows desktop with access to all of your files as if you were sitting at a desktop in the school.

Teaching staff find this service invaluable in providing access to files, applications or data when away from school. This service gives greater flexibility for staff to work from home or other locations.

Staff are encouraged to use the terminal server, rather than using data CDs or USB sticks that can easily get lost or fall into the wrong hands.

Since the data sent between your device and the terminal server is encrypted you can be certain that important data will only be seen by authorized people. Automatic backups and data retention should you accidentally delete something. 

Please use the image links below for Windows, Apple or Android devices to find the required files to get started and use our simple guides on how to get connected from your preferred platform.



What you need 

  • A good, stable internet connection since you will be connecting from outside the school. Using the terminal server will be slow and unresponsive on a poor connection and you may suffer data loss if your internet fails. If you can watch web video such as BBC  iplayer without interruption you will have no problems.
  • A laptop, tablet or PC with an up to date operating system of Windows, OSX or Android (please click the logos for more details of supported versions). A really fast computer is not needed.
  • Your login credentials. Your school email and password.
  • The appropriate remote desktop application for your chosen system.



If your password is due to expire you will not be able to change it from home as you can in school, the IT support team is on hand during school holidays should you wish to change it. They can be contacted here.

Just like your internet connection the terminal server may slow down at peak user times.

If you are using an old version of Windows, OSX or Android the connection technologies may be incompatible with the Terminal Server and you may not be able to connect.


Support for Linux

Unfortunately Linux operating system is not supported and will not work. We apologize for any inconvenience.