How to Apply

How to Apply

Instructions for Chew Valley Students

If your  child is currently a student at Chew Valley School they should have received an email with a link to an online Google Form for them to complete with their subject choices for September 2019. The email was sent to all Year 11 students' school email addresses on Thursday 15th November.

In addition a letter and a paper copy of the application form was given to all Year 11 students on Friday 16th November. If you did not receive this letter it can be viewed here:

Letter to Year 11 parents regarding choosing subjects for September 2019

The paper copy of the application form can be viewed and downloaded from here:

Sixth Form Subject Choices Form for Sept 2019

If for whatever reason you are unable to access the online Google Form sent out to students, or would prefer to use the above form please complete and then return to your child's tutor.


Instructions for External Applicants

Please complete the Application Form below:

CVS Sixth Form External Application Form

Please return this to