Zambia and Malawi 2012 - Report

For all eighteen of us, our once in a life time trip to Zambia and Malawi was a true mixture of hard work and amazing experiences. During the month of our stay, we visited some of the most breath-taking places and experienced some of the most unforgettable things.  Everywhere  we went we were welcomed with great hospitality by all of the local people, which instantly made us feel part of every community we visited, and made this trip even more special.
The highlights of our trip would have to be our morning boat cruise over the Zambezi River, where we saw hippos and elephants for the first time, followed by a helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls, and then a close up walk around the falls. For me this was one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced; it was so hard to believe that any of it was actually real!
Another highlight was our project phase in Zambia. As a team we built two mud huts for two old ladies around the age of 70. It took us five days of hard work to complete our project, but at the end of it, it was very rewarding to think that we’d helped part of the community, and given two families shelter to live in.
One of our last main events was the trek over Mount Milanje, in Malawi. This was very physically and mentally challenging, but as a team we did extremely well, and were all very proud of ourselves for getting through those tough six days.
For our final few days, we went to Lake Malawi, which was beautiful! It was so lovely to relax after all of the hard work on our trek. During these few days, we reminisced on all of the memories we had created on our trip, and looked forward to having all of our families and home luxuries  back after our long flight home.
This trip was a great success for all of us! It was definitely a trip of a lifetime, and definitely something worth experiencing. Trips like these are a great opportunity for anyone that wants to explore fascinating things, make new friends, and have fun!

Report by Rosie McKeown, 12L