Take a Reading Pledge

Chew Valley School has recently launched an initiative to get everybody reading. The Chew Valley Reading Pledge is all about encouraging everyone in the school to discover the enjoyment that can be found in a good book. The English department are asking all students to make a pledge where they commit to some improvement in their approach to reading. It might include reading for an hour a day, trying to complete a book a month, reading without the distractions of phones or computers, trying a different genre or aiming to read something in particular by Christmas. There is no obligation for the book to be one of the classics - for the purpose of the pledge a sport star autobiography is as valid a choice as one of Dickens' finest. Students will undertake their pledge via their English lessons, but we’re keen to involve the whole community in this activity and the document you’ll need to complete your Reading Pledge is available below. While regular reading can do wonders for a student’s writing and understanding, this is all about emphasising the thing that sometimes gets forgotten: it’s really entertaining!

Download your reading pledge scroll here

Download the school's recommended reading list here.