School Society Microscopes

The basis of Biology is that all life is built of cells, but have you ever seen one? Not without a microscope you won’t. Thanks to the generosity of the School Society Y7, Y8 and Y9 can now see cells in all their glory. The old KS3 microscopes had been around since some of Y7’s parents were in school and were looking very tired indeed, some even still used mirrors to focus light through the slides. So when Mr Walford (Head of Science) and Karen Hobbs (Senior Science Technician) approached the School Society with a proposal to buy a set of good quality microscopes for KS3 lessons, they were only too pleased to make a substantial contribution. And here you see them, in use for the first time, by our Y7 students in their Cells topic in Science. The students are looking at real onion cells and their own cheek cells and, after learning about the structure of cells in theory, they can now identify the different parts of cells and what they do.

Mr Walford