Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar, Chew Valley’s latest whole school production, was performed at the end of February to four sold out audiences. The show, the most ambitious ever staged at Chew Valley School, was brought to life by a cast, crew and band of over 100 students and it certainly lived up to all of our expectations. Spanning the last week of the life of Jesus, this vibrant rock opera was performed with all the energy, enthusiasm and commitment that we have come to expect from a Chew Valley cast.

Over sixty performers from Year 7 to 13 were supported by our amazing school band led by Mr Stinchcombe. Stage Managers Zoe Downey, Georgia Lindsay, Alex Rosler and Lizzie Stuckey also led a fantastic backstage team, who took on the responsibility for all of the technical aspects of this incredibly complicated and demanding show.

Alex Storer took the lead, ably depicting the human side of Jesus with all his frailties and doubts. Similarly outstanding performances came from every one of the lead characters: Mia Doherty and Tasha Stewart, as Mary Magdalene, sang and acted beautifully, often moving the audience to tears; as did Kirstie Pope and Poppy Moore as the tormented Judas Iscariot, betraying his best friend. Billy Rosenthal’s rich and powerful bass was perfect for the menacing Caiaphas, a lovely contrast to Sam Thorne and Hannah Scadding who played Annas with real clarity. Ben Kenna and Ben Lindsay were both excellent as the troubled Pontius Pilate, with Tilda Hawken and Livvy Coombs (ably supported by our wonderful Superstar dancers) adding a superb comedic touch as King Herod

However, for me, the success of the show was down to the wonderful work of the ensemble. We spoke a good deal in rehearsals about the need to be a team and that came across so superbly each evening, with the spine chilling ‘Trial Before Pilate’ a real stand out moment for me. With the beautiful choreography throughout from Jess Gwyther and Miss Holt adding a real vitality to the show, it really was incredibly humbling to watch (and listen to) the amazing work that this fantastic group of students created. Every single performer, musician and crew member played their part to perfection for the good of the whole. With memorable melodies such as ‘Everything’s Alright’, ‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him’ and, of course, the iconic signature tune, in addition to Miss Budd and Chloe Payne’s film sequences the show had something for everyone and received well-deserved standing ovations from packed audiences.

Congratulations to everyone involved!

Mr Conway