Game of Thrones comes to CVS!

We were very lucky today to have a vist from Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who came to work with GCSE Media Studies students. Maisie, who lives locally, has shot to fame playing the young tomboy warrior Arya Stark in the hit HBO series screening on Sky Atlantic. She agreed to come in and help out the students, who are preparing their practical production projects as magazine journalists.

Working in small production groups, the students conducted an interview and photoshoot with Maisie in a simulation of a publicity tour. She commented on how well prepared they were, saying that they asked some really well-researched questions which she doesn't always get to hear from professional journalists!

The students will now use their recorded interviews and photoshoots to create magazine front covers and interview features which they will then submit as part of their GCSE assessment. It was also Maisie's birthday, so the day ended with a "House Stark" birthday cake and a round of happy birthday! We'd like to thank Maisie for taking the time to spend with us; see below for the results of the students' labours.

Click below for a selection of "behind the scenes" photos from today's session: