Dance Festival 2019

The Chew Valley Dance Festival returned this month with four sold out performances, featuring dancers
from across the Chew Valley. Children from Chew Magna Primary, Chew Stoke Academy, Dundry Primary,
East Harptree Primary, Ubley Primary, Cameley Primary and Pensford Primary were welcomed back this year
and all wowed audiences with their confident and energetic dances. As always, ‘Chew Valley Dance’ children
gave committed performances in Cheer Dance and Street Jazz, expertly choreographed by Fae McIntyre.

Over 90 Chew Valley School dancers from Year 7 – 13 performed in all four shows, displaying the impressive
results of months of hard work and commitment. Stand out performances included the 7-9 Dance Club:
Street Dance mash up, choreographed by Miss Holt, the Year 10 GCSE Dance: Michael Jackson medley,
Chew Valley Dance Company’s performance to the title track from the 1980s iconic musical Fame! and a Bob
Fosse spectacular by the A level dancers. Audiences were also treated to an array of our talented students’
own choreography pieces, in a variety of dance styles. Praiseworthy solo performances came from Year
10 students Bow Masters, Lucy Payne, Ruby Jones and Henry Hicks and Year 8 students Lucy Mellersh and
Isabelle Page and a fantastic group dance was performed by Year 9 students Tia Radforth, Lucy Vowles and
Erin Golledge.

I am extremely proud of every dancer who took part and was particularly impressed with the
professionalism and confidence that was on display. I would like to extend a big thank you to all of the staff
and students involved in making the festival such a huge success.

Mrs Loynton