Birdgirl Mya clocks up 3000 species!

Mya Craig (7W) was thrilled to see her 3000th bird species - the amazing Regent Bowerbird - in Australia as part of her birding travels which have seen her cross the globe. Recently binocular manfacturers Swarovksi have written about her adventures on their website - read the article here - including the tale of her 2012 trip to Peru. Mya would really appreciate as many comments on the article as possible to show support for her!

Regent Bowerbird

Mya's 3000th species - the Regent Bowerbird

Mya said "I was over the moon to see my 3000th bird species.  As well as hundreds of different bird species, we saw Humpback Whales, Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Duck-billed Platypus, Koala and lots of Wallaby and Kangaroo species. I am not sure where we are going next but a trip to Antarctica would be awesome; my seventh continent!"

You can read Mya's Birdgirl blog here. We'll be following her travels keenly here at Chew Valley! 

Mya at Macchu Pichu

Mya pictured at Machu Picchu during her 2012 birding expedition to Peru.