Letters to parents

This page of the website contains general letters sent to all parents/carers. For letters sent to individuals, classes or groups, please see the "notices" section of the Insight Parent Portal. Parents will need their secure username and password to log on to the portal.


Year 11 Revision Booklet       Revision Booklet - Explained

Positive Covid-19 Case 08.11.20

Year 10 Information Evening Presentation

Headteacher Update 03.11.20

Reporting and Assessment at Chew Valley School

Headteacher Update 19.10.20

Extra-Curricular Clubs Autumn 2020

Year 7 Parents' Information Evening Presentation

Headteacher Update 25.09.20    Teaching & Learning Lockdown Lesson  Covid-19 Guide for Parents and Carers

Headteacher Update 15.09.20

The Use of Masks in School 27.08.20

Attendance and Uniform Update 21.08.20

The Start of Term 18.08.20

Towards the End of Term 06.07.20

Coronavirus Update 23.06.20

Black Lives Matter Staff Working Group Letter 19.06.20

Coronavirus Update 08.06.20 and Associated Article

Coronavirus Update 22.05.20

Coronavirus Update 13.05.20

Coronavirus Update 30.04.20

Coronavirus Update 20.04.20

Examination Arrangements 03.04.20

Coronavirus Update 31.03.20

Coronavirus Letter to Students 25.03.20

School Opening Arrangements w/c 23.03.20

School Closure Provision 20.03.20

Key Workers Information Gathering Survey

School Closure Letter 19.03.20

Shadow Timetable 19.03.20

School Closure Survey 19.03.20

Coronavirus Update 18.03.20

Coronavirus Update 17.03.20

Coronavirus Update 13.03.20

Coronavirus Update 05.03.20

Coronavirus Update 26.02.20

Coronavirus Letter 04.02.20

Year 11 Newsletter

Tanzania 2020 Expedition Letter and Flyer

Year 7 Tutor Evening Letter and Presentation

School Events 2019-20

Year 7 Welcome

School Policy on Illegal Substances

Extra-Curricular Activities