In chew valley school we have several large sized all in one printer / photocopiers that are connected to the network and managed by our IT Team. We also have a number of black and white printers located in IT suites.

Automatically you can't see all of the printers when you choose to print a document, instead the nearest printer to where you are logged in will be displayed. You can choose to add another printer manually if, for instance the printer nearest is not color and you need color. Please head over to the user guides section by using menu on the left to see how to do this.

For Staff

Printing has a department budget that all printing is deducted from. Color is more expensive than black and white for example

All print jobs that are sent to our large photocopiers are held in queue. When you join the school you are issued with an ID badge, this not only serves to show who you are to other members of staff, parents and students, but also gives access to these printers. When you swipe your ID badge over the indicated point on the printer your identification is verified and you are allowed to release the print job and print. You can find our guide on using the photocopiers by using the menu on the left.

Teaching staff sometimes send students to release print jobs. Sometimes the printers may ask for your password for identity verification. In such cases students will not be able to release a staff members print job. We encourage staff not to send students to print class materials using a staff members ID badge.

When sending a print job to any one of our photocopiers you can release it from any of the photocopiers in the school, ideal for a busy teaching schedule.

Our resources department handles large print jobs of 10 or more pages. We encourage staff to print their own, small print jobs to avoid causing delays for other staff. Resources staff have three large photocopiers. You can even send your print job before you go home and have the resources team have it ready for when you start again in the morning.

Some offices such as Exams, finance and the reception have their own black and white printers where data confidentiality is paramount.

For Students

Students have a similar level of access to the printers as staff do, but their printing is rationed. A student gets a pre-set amount of printer credit issued when they join and this amount is automatically topped up each month. By printing only work materials the provided amount is more than enough for most students. Our art students are allowed more credit due to the nature of the subject.

Should a student use all their credit during the month we will check their print log before issuing more print credit to determine if the printing was for work purposes. Remember, for example to check for spelling mistakes before sending a document to the printer and should past papers be required a staff member should be informed, the eligibility evaluated and the printing done using the departments budget.