Well-conceived and clearly focussed homework can be very beneficial in aiding students’ learning.  Where homework is an integral part of each student’s curriculum, it adds a wide dimension to their studies and offers them opportunities to develop a broader range of skills.

Homework is set for a variety of reasons, the principal ones being:

 *         to encourage students in independent study

*          to aid students in developing research skills

*          to develop self discipline

*          to focus on organisational skills

*          to consolidate skills learned in the classroom

*          to allow students to extend their interest in classwork

*          to involve parents and other adults in students’ work

Students should always have a reading book with them as part of their standard school equipment. There are recommended reading lists which can be downloaded here. We recommend that students should read for at least 20 minutes every day either as part of or beyond their regular homework. 

Why can't I skip my reading?

Homework tasks are set in the Insight Portal. Students and parents/carers can log on to the portal to check what homework tasks have been set and when they are due for handing in. Please note that if a student is absent from school we expect them to check on the portal to catch up on any missed homework wherever possible.

It is important to note that students are still responsible for recording all homework in their School Diary and ensuring that it is completed by the deadline to the best of their ability. Families have a responsibility to ensure that homework is completed by checking and signing the School Diary, and ensuring where possible that students have an appropriate environment in which to work. By publishing homework in the Insight Portal we hope to make communications between teachers, students and families about tasks and deadlines clearer and more consistent, further strengthening the partnership between home and school which is so important for effective learning and progress.