The School Society

The Chew Valley School Society is a group of parents, teachers, staff and friends of the school who raise money to support Chew Valley School and its students. The committee meet regularly to organise fundraising events as well as providing support and refreshments at events such as the new intake parents' evening and Christmas Carol Concert. The Society is well supported by parents but so that it can continue to provide financial support to the school and students, which is essential for the continued success of the school in the current financial climate, we welcome more parents and the wider Chew Valley community and businesses getting involved with the committee and attending our events.


Chew Valley School Society July 2018

In 2016/2017 we were able to support the school by;
· Part-funding counselling services
· Purchasing a school mess tent
· Supplying media and IT equipment for English GCSE and Media A Level
· Purchasing learning software for MFL & ICT
· Supporting Year11 Easter revision courses

If you are interested in assisting the School Society (formally or informally), please contact


CHAIR:                 Penny Rowlands

VICE CHAIR:        Nicola Ainger

SECRETARY:        Ally Laing                

TREASURER:        Wendy Sims 


Meetings - All welcome

Monday 14th January 2019 at 7.30pm - Please contact us at if you are interested in attending.


Past meetings minutes

Monday 19th March CVSS Committee meeting minutes

Monday 11th June CVSS Committee meeeting minutes

Monday 17th Sept CVSS Committee meeeting minutes 

Financial Support for the School

The School is very grateful to parents and others who contribute to the School Society and their work which financially supports the school on various projects which otherwise could not happen.

The Chew Valley School Society has come up with three different ways in which you can help.


Easy Fundraising

This is a way of donating without spending any extra money. You shop as you would normally on line, but go via you easy Fundraising account. Our aim is to get 200 people registered and raise £2000 a year in this way. Imagine if all our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts signed up!  Just register at and use the reminders to remember to use Easy Fundraising whilst you shop and tell other parents.

 EasyFundraising flier


Just Giving

We know that parents are incredibly busy and often can’t get to fund-raising events at school. Would you feel better about that if you were able to make a donation anyway?!  Text 70070 and give the message CVSS15£10.  For parents wanting to donate this way the maximum donation is £10 per text. If you wish to donate more, please send multiple texts.


Standing Order

Some parents are able to be very generous and use standing orders to support various charities including the school. Might you be able to make a regular monthly donation to the school?  A small monthly donation (with the Gift Aid it will attract if you are a tax payer) will really add up.  A form is attached if you feel able to support us in this way.

Standing Order Mandate Form


Gift Aid

Whichever way you choose to help the school, it is very important to register for Gift Aid. Whether you are able to give anything today or not, please fill in the attached Gift Aid Form and return it to the school so we can keep you registered for any future donation you are able to make.

Charity Gift Aid Form Declaration


Do you work for a large employer?  If you do, speak to your HR department and see if they offer match funding for schools.  Wouldn't it be great if all or some of the money we raise for band and quiz nights was matched by our parents' employers?  For further info Thank you.


Thank you for the fantastic support you give to Chew Valley School to support them in providing an outstanding education for our children.

Chew Valley School Society GDPR Policy 2018